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Closed for Winter

nyc urchin
Closed for winter projects + back in SpRiNg!! Message with ideas. XX


Surfistas is a female surf travelogue by Daniela Hernandez + co. Travelogue # 1: Indonesia, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico. (you might spot some familiar faces from Rockaway waters). Available at Thalia, Lost Weekend and 24/7 online.




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Uncharted Studios | Puerto Rico

Uncharted Studios is a salty young brand, run by a cute young couple in Puerto Rico. The environmentally-concious printed tees, hats, books and mugs are luxuriously ethereal with a twist of sea creature humor. An NYC Urchin favorite is the Shark Fish Tote shown below! They’re kindly offering NYC Urchin readers a 20% discount on all purchases online (use code NYCURCHIN20)! If you’re taking a trip into their Rincon hood, stop by their shop and set hello! SHOP>>

What is ringspun cotton?
Ringspun cotton is simply raw cotton that get smoothed out for a softer, more comfortable feel. No itchy cotton tees!

When was The Uncharted Studio started and why?
The /Uncharted /Studio started in 2007 in Rincon, Puerto Rico as an alternative to the standard process of silkscreening on the island. Instead of using harsh chemicals in the process, /Uncharted utilizes soy and citrus based solvents and water based inks whenever possible. This ensures no chemicals bleeding out into our oceans.

All the printing is done in house?
All printing is done in house and hand pressed on manual machines using soy and citrus based solvents in the process.

What is the surf and surf culture like in Rincon?
Rincon is a small surf town on the West coast of Puerto Rico with some of the best breaks on the island. Surfers flock seasonally each winter for the waves and the vibe of the coastal town.

What’s your company culture like?
The /Uncharted /Studio embodies a culture of being free. Free to create, free to travel and free to live. Designs and work at /Uncharted are inspired by the ocean, both above and below the surface.

Do you have a storefront or a workspace someone can visit?
The brick and mortar shop and studio is located in the heart of downtown Rincon, PR.

Do you think the fish in the gyotaku prints would be satisfied knowing they left a lasting impression?
The fish from gyotaku prints leave a lasting impression not only on the canvas but also in our bellies or back out in the ocean as fishing bait post-printing.

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Thinking of you…

Happy Valentines Day! If you get lucky…there will be some waves this weekend!

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theFINproject Trailer just released

theFINproject trailer is live! Check out the interview with the photographer of the project, Timothy Hogan.

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Listen to the Sea

I really just like to promote NY-based salty brands, but this is pretty epic. So simple that you could probably make it yourself, but so ingenious that you want to support the cute couple in Minneapolis that makes them. The Seashell iPhone Amplifier…duh. These shells are made in the USA, but are they thoughtfully harvested? I will have to inquire…

Available at

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Conserve H20 Contest NYC

If you have an idea (however crazy you might think it is) about conserving or recycling water here in New York you now have a unique opportunity to actually pursue it. The #ConserveH20 Contest will provide $5000 to one group/person to implement their idea. The deadline is December 31st, so now you have a project to work on in between your fireside cookie nibbling and ski adventures.  Learn more about the contest and sign up!

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Guide to: Esterillos, Costa Rica

Here is a quick guide to Esterillos, Costa Rica for those that want to escape the New York freeze, veg out, surf, and have little to spend.  Esterillos, about 20 minutes south of Jaco on the West Coast, is split up into three sections…Oeste, Centro and Este. It’s a quieter area, away from the bustle of Jaco, with a few good surf spots.

costa rica surf trip

What to pack (girls):
Depends on the airline fees for bringing boards, but if the fee isn’t bad bring boards and pack your clothes in with the boards. On my list: Minimal clothing, Calavera body rash guard, Mi Ola Cheeky Bottoms, retro backpack from Patagonia Bowery, Loomstate Vneck, Samudra bag, East Surf Co wax, NYC Urchin shark tooth necklace, lotion, Spanish dictionary and In the Heart of the Sea. Bring an old go-phone to plug a SIM card into. Pick up Colones from an ATM, but USD are pretty much accepted everywhere if you run out.

costa rica surf trip

Where to stay:
For more people, little restaurants, surf shops and a nice beginner reef break stay in Oeste. Though a quiet little neighborhood (at least in the off season), there seems to always be people buzzing around, toothless man selling coconuts, mellow dogs of all breeds standing in front of your car, expats sipping Imperials at the bar and bathing in the delight of their new residence. Centro, 5 minutes down the road, is more residential and quieter, but the beach break there is bigger than Oeste…more of a local surf spot that gets busy on the weekends.  Either way, rent a car so you can explore all breaks and get into Jaco if you want to people watch other Americans and find a drugstore for the new ailment you’ll likely pick up. We stayed here in Centro, walking distance from the break, the salamanders and ants included!

costa rica surf trip

Where to rent boards:
We rented boards from a super nice American that opened up a “surf shop” called Brett’s Boards. Boards are pretty downtrodden, but for $90 you can try any of the boards for a week. He gave us some super helpful tips (surf is good 3 hours before and after high tide, the channel is lined up with the brown door of the yellow house, the rocks that will break your fins are on either sides of the green house, and if you see the crocodile it’s too late).

costa rica surf trip

costa rica surf tripcosta rica surf trip

costa rica surf trip

This photo was taken by expat Pat, a congenial spirit you’ll meet on the beach – check out her blog.

costa rica surf trip

This is how a coconut sprouts!

costa rica surf trip imperial cerveza

What else?
Stay hydrated and drink lots of Imperials. Surf until your arms almost fall off (before you realize it you will be back in NY with no waves). Volunteer helping release baby sea turtles into the ocean – it’s the season! Explore nearby towns without doing the super touristy zipline tour. Never leave anything in your car.

costa rica surf tripcosta rica surf tripcosta rica surf tripcosta rica surf trip

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Hipster Heat Map / Brooklandia


Ha! If you read this blog, you're most likely a hipster in Brooklandia…or you're my mom. Via Refinery 29.

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Climate Name Change

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