Summer Style Tips for Guys

Summer style requires little, especially for guys.  But you want to make sure that the summer staples you do go with are reliable and can withstand some sweat and salt.  Here are a few products that we can vouch for…

Clockwise: The Mod Short by Brooklyn-based SALT.  Wider and thicker dimensions to carry you along big waves, “mushy” waves, and everything in between.

Panda, based in DC, crafts sustainable bamboo shades ideal for beach-lounging and cruising along. For every pair purchased, they give the gift of sight to someone in need.

NY’s R44 Rogan Standard Issue organic cotton color block tank, necessary for showing off that “effortless” physique you’ve been honing all spring. Sun’s out guns out!

Break -> East Cotton stripe Crumble Dress Shirt. Perfect for the man that tosses work clothes in his backpack en route to a sunrise surf.

Birdwell Beach Britches. I mean, they might not be performance shorts, but can you get more classic?

Loomstate Organic Cotton Canvas Soccer Ball for some fun in the sun.

Note: we cannot vouch for any shoe companies, as it’s against our nature.


Balancing City  /  Surf  since 2011  /  NYC Urchin

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