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Mark Borthwick x Mykita


This little interview with Mark Borthwick, who shot this film for sunglasses company Mykita is straightforwardly wonderful. Thanks for drifting this our way Nowness.
How did you come to decide on a style for the film?
There was no specific concept, rather a connection between sensuality and curiosity, and a feeling of being blinded by the light. It’s the gift of losing time, liberating the senses and letting go.
How did you choose the location for the shoot?
Tulum, Mexico, is somewhere my family and I have been visiting for 18 years. It’s a place we’ve shared, and where many friends have gathered. Tulum was chosen for her light, her magnetism and her ancient people, the Mayans. Tulum is a ‘wellspring’, an eternity of sensations, turning me on.
Why is analog technology important to you?
I like to say we sing the same song. She’s the finest of listeners. Her hues move me. As an expression she’s light to touch and a vibration of one’s inner feelings entangled through time. Analog gives an air of transparency and adventure.

Which artists and filmmakers inspire your work?
All of my friends. My kids. I’m obsessed by their questions, their ideologies that lead the mind elsewhere, their changing views and their virgin eyes. They fill me with love.


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