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The Big Apple is a city full of flashing lights and exciting landmarks. Steeped in history, yet on the cutting edge of the 21st century, this city is a great place for a weekend adventure or a networking excursion. It’s also an incredible, albeit challenging, place to call home. After all, it has world-class transportation, acres of public green space, and abundant job opportunities, but it also has some of the highest living costs in the U.S., is notoriously congested, and runs amuck with tourists. Yet, despite the drawbacks, most people who live here couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

If you are considering relocating to New York City, then this is the newcomers’ guide for you! NYC Urchin unpacks all your NYC moving- and real estate-related questions, gives you insider tips on making the transition, and is here for you post-move with the latest New York news and information. Follow us on social or subscribe with email to get our newsletters automatically.