M.Carter Shop Opening

Life Aquatic meets Williamsburg surfer in this kooky little nook. Stop by M. Carter’s grand opening today to shop for your summer getup. NYC Urchin necklaces are on display next to the googly eye clam shell!!




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Rockaway Dune Planting


Sunday, April 6th, Rockaway Waterfront Alliance is hosting a Dune Planting Session.

Join RWA, a local advocate for waterway health and education, in creating a natural protective buffer of dunes with indigenous grasses along the east end of the Rockaways. All ages are welcome to participate in the planting.

DATE: Sunday, April 6th
TIME: 10AM – 12PM
LOCATION: Meet at Firehouse 59; 5803 Rockaway Beach Blvd, Rockaway, NY 11692

Contact info@rwalliance.org with questions and RSVP.

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Waves for (two) Days

What a fun weekend! The Rockaway Classic Single Fin contest really lucked out. Thanks to Yury and Ivan for these photos…


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Rockaway Classic


Woohoo! Lots of people are heading to Rockaway tomorrow morning for single fin surfing and spectating.

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Some salty community events going on this weekend…


“What began as a local, grass roots effort trying to energize the community in the wake of hurricane Sandy has blossomed into a full-scale event intertwining 17 local stores, restaurants and venues.” More info – outtosea.org

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Uncharted Studios | Puerto Rico

Uncharted Studios is a salty young brand, run by a cute young couple in Puerto Rico. The environmentally-concious printed tees, hats, books and mugs are luxuriously ethereal with a twist of sea creature humor. An NYC Urchin favorite is the Shark Fish Tote shown below! They’re kindly offering NYC Urchin readers a 20% discount on all purchases online (use code NYCURCHIN20)! If you’re taking a trip into their Rincon hood, stop by their shop and set hello! SHOP>>

What is ringspun cotton?
Ringspun cotton is simply raw cotton that get smoothed out for a softer, more comfortable feel. No itchy cotton tees!

When was The Uncharted Studio started and why?
The /Uncharted /Studio started in 2007 in Rincon, Puerto Rico as an alternative to the standard process of silkscreening on the island. Instead of using harsh chemicals in the process, /Uncharted utilizes soy and citrus based solvents and water based inks whenever possible. This ensures no chemicals bleeding out into our oceans.

All the printing is done in house?
All printing is done in house and hand pressed on manual machines using soy and citrus based solvents in the process.

What is the surf and surf culture like in Rincon?
Rincon is a small surf town on the West coast of Puerto Rico with some of the best breaks on the island. Surfers flock seasonally each winter for the waves and the vibe of the coastal town.

What’s your company culture like?
The /Uncharted /Studio embodies a culture of being free. Free to create, free to travel and free to live. Designs and work at /Uncharted are inspired by the ocean, both above and below the surface.

Do you have a storefront or a workspace someone can visit?
The brick and mortar shop and studio is located in the heart of downtown Rincon, PR.

Do you think the fish in the gyotaku prints would be satisfied knowing they left a lasting impression?
The fish from gyotaku prints leave a lasting impression not only on the canvas but also in our bellies or back out in the ocean as fishing bait post-printing.

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Thinking of you…

Happy Valentines Day! If you get lucky…there will be some waves this weekend!

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NYer Chills in NJ

Here’s a chilly video from a fellow New Yorker diving into the icy waters in NJ. Favorite line…“being back in the water was incredible. Even if the waves weren’t.” That’s the right attitude!

“This was my first cold water surf in a long time. I’m an east coast native, but I’ve been in waveless, albeit, technically coastal, Chicago for the last four years. So I had to literally dust off my wetsuits when I moved to Brooklyn last spring. I spent every summer weekend (and some weekdays) waking up at 5am to catch the last local A to Rockaway. And being back in the water was incredible. Even if the waves weren’t. But deep down I was waiting for winter. Most of my favorite surfing has taken place deep in the midst of winter–during Januarys when I was on break from college. It’s a different world paddling out from a silent, snow-dusted beach.

On this day we paddled out somewhere around Belmar, NJ. It was a few guys from work. We all work at an ad agency. I’m a copywriter, my buddy Dave does something above my pay grade, and our cameraman, James, is an art director (he doesn’t surf, but was a total champ, camping out on the beach like a proud dad taping a soccer match). The heavy offshore winds were intense. So, we were only out for an hour and a half or so. About as long as it took us to get there and gear up. But it was worth it. Surfacing after the first brain-numbing duck dive brought back that old feeling I was looking for–partly nostalgia, but mostly deep appreciation and gratitude for the experience of being in the water on this particular day.”

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Offshore Energy Meeting

Tonight there is a meeting uptown to learn about two very different proposed energy plans for off the coast of New York – Liquified Natural Gas import station or a wind farm. The Liquified Natural Gas station is a proposed tanker port intended for the import (and potential export) of LNG.  At a past community meeting in Long Beach, not long after dealing with Sandy, it seemed like 99% of the attendees were against the LNG plan, arguing that it could threaten the local ecosystem, could lead to health issues for surfers and swimmers, could prolong our dependence on a source of energy that will further impact our global climate and lead to more mega storms, and that the “import” station could be easily changed to export gas fracked from Marcellus Shale.  Eek!.  On the other hand, the 1% that were for the LNG port argued that it would bring jobs to the community. However, it’s important for you to learn about the potential hazards and benefits of both scenarios before you take a position…and once you are educated on the topics make sure you have an impact on the final decision! Learn more about LNG on the Surfrider NYC site, also look for some Surfriders at the meeting tonight!  See event details.

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