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A Summer State of Mind


NY-based photographer Zach Bush opening reception tonight at Picture Farm, 338 Wythe Ave, BK. Friday, May 2nd, 6-9pm.

Also at Picture Farm both Saturday and Sunday, come view experimental surf craft East Coast style, plus board swap. Saturday May 3rd 5-9pm and Sunday May 4th 12-6pm.


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M.Carter Shop Opening

Life Aquatic meets Williamsburg surfer in this kooky little nook. Stop by M. Carter’s grand opening today to shop for your summer getup. NYC Urchin necklaces are on display next to the googly eye clam shell!!




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Hipster Heat Map / Brooklandia


Ha! If you read this blog, you're most likely a hipster in Brooklandia…or you're my mom. Via Refinery 29.

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A Sweet Goodbye

save domino sugar factory williamsburg brooklyn

Friends are fighting to save the Domino Sugar factory, slated to be knocked down later this month. Sign the petition to help them protect this authentic and rusty nook, perched on the Williamsburg Waterfront, and help keep some character in this booming hipster enclave.


Domino Sugar Lust from 2e. on Vimeo.

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Brooklyn Surf Shorts Strolls into Town

We have a new surf brand coming to town! Brooklyn Surf Shorts, with a sigh of relief, made their Kickstarter goal!! Production is happening now and men's street-friendly boardshorts, made in NYC, will be available this July for you fine folks…surfers and street strollers alike.  “Goodbye neon booty cutters and oversized floral trunks, and hello Brooklyn Surf Shorts.” NYC Urchin interviews John the founder, NY surfer, owner of DUMBO Startup Labs, and test-wearer of Brooklyn Surf Shorts.
Brooklyn Boardshorts
What makes NY surfing special?  
New Yorkers in general are a proud group of people. We love our city, even those who live in the 'burbs.  That pride holds true for NY surfers. Our lineups are filled with people that are proud to be surfers and New Yorkers.
What makes these shorts special?  
Everything about the shorts makes them special.  We paid close attention to get all the details just right. The cut and colors are beautiful and they are comfortable and functional.  My favorite thing is that they will be 100% Made in NYC.
How can someone help and what do they get?  
We offered a bunch of different rewards for backers.  Our favorite is “The Party Animal” which gets a backer a pair of Brooklyn Surf Shorts and an invite to our launch party that will be epic. If you like the idea but you don't love the shorts you can also pledge anything more than $1 to help us get closer to our goal.  Emailing this post to your friends, tweeting, Facebooking and just getting the word out also helps.
(FYI the Kickstarter was a success and you can buy these in July!)
What's the most exciting part about starting a company in NY?  
For an apparel item, the ability to work closely with so many great craftsmen right in your backyard was a really fun and educational process.  I feel like I've learned so much in the last few months while working on Brooklyn Surf Shorts.
What's the hardest?  
The hardest part about launching a business in New York is that there is so much happening here it's really hard to get noticed at first.  I've been lucky to find some great advocates – like NYCUrchin – to help me get my message out. :)
Favorite place to surf in NY and why there?  
As a grom I grew up surfing Long Beach which was great since I am a goofy and Long Beach has a lot of really fun lefts off their jetties.  I think my favorite is Pacific.
What's on your summer bucket list?  
I'm turning 30 in September and I really want to spend my birthday in Montauk and surf Ditch Plains.
Sales Contact: John Coghlan - brooklynsurfshorts@gmail.com
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When it Rains, it Pours into our Rivers

newtown creek wastwaternewtown creek wastwater

It’s really pouring in New York today!! After touring the city’s largest wastewater treatment plant at Newtown Creek (you’ve probably noticed the giant metal balls perched on the creek) with the Loomstate office, I’m really glad I missed my 4:30 alarm to head to Rockaway this morning. Did you know after 15 minutes of rain, our sewage treatment plants are at capacity and pour sewage into our waterways?

Yep. For a really good surf, that won’t make you sick, maybe it’s worth checking the surf report and the weather report. Here are some fun and shitty facts I gleaned from the tour…

  • The first sewage treatment operations began in 1886. Prior to this the main sewage pipes fed out into the waterway between Rockaway and Coney Island. As the main recreational destination at the time, they had to figure out a way to keep the beaches clean.
  • The Clean Water Act was passed in 1972 and set standards for wastewater treatment in all US states. New York plants function above the Clean Water Act regulations, processing 94% of all wastewater.
  • The 14 treatment plants in New York process 1.8 billion gallons of wastewater per day that is transported through 7,400 miles of sewer pipes.
  • New York has 7,400 miles of sewer pipes and 95 waste pumping stations to move the waste to any of the 14 treatment plants.
  • Since New York is set up on a one track system, in which our wastewater and sewage meet and are carried through the same treatment process, up to 15 minutes of rain (1/2 an inch of rain max) can be efficiently processed in New York. Passed that, the excess waste is fed into local waterways! Raw sewage that does enter the river is apparently processed by Mother Nature in 21 days…
  • The digester eggs seen in the photos below use bacteria to process waste sludge. The separated liquid is mostly treated and pours into our waterways, while the solid sludge is transported to Ohio, Texas, Florida and Colorado to be used as fertilizer in agriculture. This I thought was VERY cool!! But, apparently our sludge contains really terrible chemicals and would not be considered “organic” or ideal for growing healthy crops. Either way, a neat recycling concept.
  • Our per capita water usage in New York is 125 gallons per day!! This is considering the water that is used to make the products we use and consume, in addition to your daily water usage.
  • New York drinking water is cleaned using UV light, no longer with chlorine.
  • NY’s waterways are the cleanest they’ve been in 100 years…this is a positive, but very unimpressive comment since no one would dare touch the Hudson River.
  • The manager also said he doesn’t eat corn and rice because it clearly passes through people’s bodies without providing the body with nutrients.
What does this mean for us?
  • We should be more conscious of what we put down the drain and flush. Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fats, and non biodegradable materials should not be put down the train, as they can end up right back in your waterways. There are ways to dispose of everything properly, but it might take some local research. Medication especially should be disposed of properly – come pharmacies will accept old pills.
  • Simply use less water in your daily life.
  • If your favorite surfing spot is near a drainage spot, maybe think twice about surfing after it rains!
  • We have great tap water so no need to get a throwout plastic bottle. Bendable plastic breaks down really easily in temperate changes, releasing carcinogenic phthalates into your drinking water (more about phthalates and plastic bottles). On that note, stop accepting plastic bags and straws – they end up in the ocean and along the beach in Rockaway for instance.
Further learning:





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NYC Urchin x FOAM

So excited to be on FOAM! See the full article here.

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Brooklyn Surf Flea Holiday Bazaar!!!

We are SO excited to get together another Brooklyn Surf Flea! We are pulling together 20+ local businesses who will be selling surf gear and art and donating 10% of sales to Sandy relief efforts! Lagunitas and Cliffton will be providing beverages, plus expect surf films projected throughout the day. Join us at Picture Farm this Sunday for a fun day!! Brought to you by NYC Urchin and Ohlas!

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