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New York’s Mi Ola Swimwear

NYC Urchin interviewed Helena the founder of Mi Ola right after Sandy and again today…

Looking back: “We were dealt an (almost) fatal blow by Sandy, and we’re struggling to continue.    Part of the reason I won’t give up, is because I (and other female surfers) still need great bikinis that will stay on and look great while we surf.   I’m putting every last cent I have into launching this company, because I know we’ll change surfing for the better.”

Helena and her family have persevered and now Mi Ola is churning out more surf-ready bikinis in vibrant colors and flattering cuts. Support a brand with heart and NY-roots as you shop for your winter surf trip!! The website is easy for shopping and allows you to purchase separates. [The SuperCheeky Bottoms are HIGHLY recommended]

mi ola swimwear

The inspiration for our colors and patterns is from the tropics and  yet, we make everything in NYC!  I blend the inspiration of tropical nature in with sophisticated style and very high quality, necessary for demanding athletes who ask a lot of their suits.  

Because I split my time between Breezy Point, NY and Tamarindo, Costa Rica, I use the vibrant colors I see in my backyard in Costa Rica and on the beach as my inspiration – it’s all influenced by nature in the tropics.  Every color we use can be found in the ocean, palm trees, big tropical flowers, gorgeous macaws, and scary poisonous snakes or insects – which are really beautiful, as long as they are not in my bathroom!

We also have a palm print and a jellyfish print (called the medusa) and a feather print (the pluma), all coming in the next few months.  I’m already thinking about other prints that we’ll develop for the next collection.  I love how tropical schools of fish glimmer in the water, or the beauty of a group of rays in the water. (Also something I don’t necessarily want next to me while I’m surfing, but it happens down here!)

Our cuts are driven by what works in the water and what works on a women’s body.   I want to make every woman feel more present at the beach – by cutting out the thing we ALL do - tug, yank, adjust, and pull our suits to where we need them, after we jump in the water, duck-dive or even reach over to get a magazine out of our bags.    We are all so used to adjusting our suits.  My 2.5 year old has already perfected these moves!  

Imagine how much nicer the beach is when you don’t have to constantly check your suit to make sure you’re covered!  I surf in my Mi Ola suits all the time, and it’s AWESOME. My bottoms don’t fall down and my top doesn’t shift when I wipe out.  

One note:  Most of our bottoms have smaller coverage than the traditional US full coverage bottom (which I call the diaper butt.)  This is because, first: the more fabric you have in your suit, the more the water can pull it down.  The fabric acts as a sail and moves with the water.   Second: because most women look better in smaller bottoms.  I know, you doubt this… but try it, you’ll like it!  

Our boyshorts have the most coverage, and also happen to be super cute and style-y.  We will be developing a more full coverage bottom, but I’ve got to work on that one a little bit to find a way to make it look great and stay on!

mi ola swimwear

mi ola swimwear

mi ola swimwear

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Surfrider Water Sentinels

new york water quality

We currently do not have a consistent, year-round source for water quality information for our New York surfing beaches, so Surfrider NYC has stepped up to fill that void. Soon there will be a widget on the chapter's website, so you can now check the surf report and the water report before you hop on the subway and head for the beach.  While we're starting off with Rockaway, we hope this will be an indicator for the quality at nearby beaches.  If you're interested in helping out with water sampling please e-mail volunteercoordinator@nyc.surfrider.org.

Surfrider is hosting a BIG fundraiser this Saturday specifically to support the water testing program, so please come out to support this project and the people behind the scenes who care (tickets). Each ticket sold will fund 3-4 water tests. Here's a sneak peek of “the lab,” currently housed at Smallwater HQ in Rockaway.

new york water quality

new york water quality

new york water quality

new york water quality

new york water quality

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80s Surf Dance Party!!

Dancey 80's music, costumes, free drinks and  quesadillas, your favorite salty friends in one room AND raising money for Surfrider's water testing program in Rockaway! Get your neon Zinka ready and pick up your ticket (if you can't make it you can still donate to the water program). Plus, killer raffles by local brands Hive, Phyn, York Surf, Brooklyn Surf Shorts, Sundown Surf Shop, Patagonia Bowery, Milton Carter, Lost Weekend and a $2000 surf trip!! HIVE will also have a kissing booth, so it will be a good opportunity to connect with a sweetheart ;)….after all, it's for a good cause.

DID YOU KNOW each ticket sale will fund 3-4 water tests!  With your support Surfrider can provide a consistent source of information on our local water quality that can keep YOU informed as well as change legislation around water quality. With proper funding we will be able to test on a weekly basis and after rain and sever weather events….you can be a sentinel too and help us with the tests.


If you would like to volunteer at this event or help collect water samples in Rockaway this fall/winter please e-mail volunteercoordinator@nyc.surfrider.org for more information.

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5 Gyres at The Breslin

If you are not aware that there are garbage patches the size of the United States choking out ocean life please watch the video below! Now that you know, come support 5 Gyres in their effort to cap the growth of these plastic fields. Make a Plastic Promise and then come to The Breslin on Thursday night to learn and enjoy some suds from Brooklyn Brewery. Free to attend, but RSVP in advance!

The 5 Gyres crew will discuss their trips 3,000 miles away to the garbage patches, sharing photos, videos, and stories to highlight the dire plastic pollution problem we are facing.

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Quiet Moments in NYC

Photos by Emma Anderson / Always Sometimes Never

Balancing  City / Sea since 2011  /  NYC Urchin 
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We Are Fierce

NYC Urchin got a sneakpeek of We Are Handsome‘s new collection The Streets 2012.  One of the fabrics glows with our very own New York City!  Btw We are Handsome is currently on Moda Operandi…love it all, especially the fierce animal prints in the current collection!

Big thanks to Cyrus of Korduroy TV for the rad stickers and general support!

Balancing  City / Sea since 2011  /  NYC Urchin

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Undercity – Exploring the Underbelly of NYC



Mountainfilm in Telluride is coming up May 25-28 (full lineup just announced).  Unfortunately, few of us NYers will make it out there, but we can still catch some clips online and then close our eyes and dream about the crisp Telluride weather, breathtaking views, and sunny local lifestyle.

We’re especially psyched about one film – Undercity.  Andrew Wonder captures Steve Duncan, urban explorer and guerrilla historian, as he winds his way through the tunnels and sewers under Manhattan to reveal a history that lies beyond our eyes.  Glad to have this NYC Urchin on the radar!  Watch Undercity by visiting Outside Mag’s site between 9pm – 12am EST on May 10th with a live Q & A with Wonder and Duncan at 10pm.


Balancing  City / Surf since 2011  /  NYC Urchin



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History Lesson: Coney Island

No slides are available.

Coney Island is one of our favorite spots to visit in NY.  An active seabed, some nibble on local bites (like the original Nathans), troll the sand for treasures (many with old-school metal detectors), visit for the thrill of the ride (or take a dive with the Coney Island Polar Bear Club).  If you opt out of sunning on the sand, visiting the aquarium, or decreasing your life expectancy at the amusement park, you will feel fully satiated with a boardwalk stroll and some of NY’s best people watching.  A brief history of the people here before us…

Coney Island was in its heyday in the first half of the 20th century, but hit a decline after WWII.  Once a barrier island, it was transformed into a peninsula after being connected to the mainland with landfill and Belt Parkway construction.  It was inhabited by the Lenape, followed by the Dutch, who named it Conyne Eylandt (Rabbit Island), and later Conney Isle by the English, which turned into Coney Island by 1733.  For more info visit the Coney Island History Museum.

Photos by NY local Steven Siegel


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Standard Skatin’ open for Winter Season

The Standard Hotel may have been one stylish addition to the Meatpacking district many years ago, but it continues to innovate and bring us something to look foward to. Forget that Thanksgiving is only one day away, we, too are looking forward… to Christmas, snow flakes, hot cocos and some skatin’ in style.

This Monday, The Standard Hotel once again opened its skating rink, located next to the Standard Grill for the 2011-2012 season! The Kaffeehaus will serve you coffee and hot coco, spiked if you wish. If you feel like skating your dancing shoes upstairs, do a quick twirl and a change and head to Le Bain or the Boom Boom Room.

Admissions: $12 per person, $3 for rentals
Hours: Monday – Thursday, Sunday 9AM to Midnight; Friday – Saturday Noon to 1AM

Leave the Rockefeller and Bryant Park skating to the tourists. We skate with Martinis and Whisky.

Do join us on Twitter and Facebook too!

Enjoy the sun&city, Sally&Annie.

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