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Pay for Waves

Last weekend we had waves and a Surfrider Beach cleanup. A simple concept that Stoked mentoring promotes – pay for your waves. Clean up and good waves will come!

These photos are by John Suhar, a nice fellow from Wisconsin, newly in NY, with the patience to capture the sweet moments others breeze past. Learn more and reach John at www.johnsuharphotography.com


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Thinking of you…

Happy Valentines Day! If you get lucky…there will be some waves this weekend!

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Dancing for Clean Water

Thank you to everyone that came out to Surfrider’s 80′s dance party!! It was a HUGE success, the costumes were killer and we raised some $ for the water testing program in Rockaway. E-mail volunteercoordinator@nyc.surfrider.org to get involved.

surfrider nyc costume partysurfrider nyc costume partysurfrider nyc costume partysurfrider nyc costume partysurfrider nyc costume partysurfrider nyc costume party

See more gifs. Thank you SMILEBOOTH for capturing these amazing moments!! More photos on Surfrider’s Facebook page.

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Surfrider Water Sentinels

new york water quality

We currently do not have a consistent, year-round source for water quality information for our New York surfing beaches, so Surfrider NYC has stepped up to fill that void. Soon there will be a widget on the chapter's website, so you can now check the surf report and the water report before you hop on the subway and head for the beach.  While we're starting off with Rockaway, we hope this will be an indicator for the quality at nearby beaches.  If you're interested in helping out with water sampling please e-mail volunteercoordinator@nyc.surfrider.org.

Surfrider is hosting a BIG fundraiser this Saturday specifically to support the water testing program, so please come out to support this project and the people behind the scenes who care (tickets). Each ticket sold will fund 3-4 water tests. Here's a sneak peek of “the lab,” currently housed at Smallwater HQ in Rockaway.

new york water quality

new york water quality

new york water quality

new york water quality

new york water quality

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Dunes Built, Invasive Plants Removed

The Surfrider x Barefoot Wine dune building project was an amazing day! The local surf community and friends came out  to Far Rockaway to help the Parks Department set old xmas trees in place to serve as the base of a future dune. Set up in parallel lines, running at an angle along the beach, sand will eventually build up over the mounds and create some all-natural dunes to protect local communities against future storms and rising sea levels.

The next Surfrider event is this Wednesday at Warby Parker  SoHo – surf legend Shaun Tomson is presenting his new book The Code. Space is limited to make sure to RSVP!

surfrider barefoot wine rockawaysurfrider barefoot wine rockawaysurfrider barefoot wine rockawaysurfrider barefoot wine rockawaysurfrider barefoot wine rockawaysurfrider barefoot wine rockawaysurfrider barefoot wine rockawaysurfrider barefoot wine rockawaysurfrider barefoot wine rockaway

Modeling the brand new Surfrider tees, made from recycled plastic bottles.

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Just a Surfer, Now a Star

He wanted to be “just a surfer, not a star.” I wonder if he's okay with being a legend. In preparation for his visit to NYC for Patagonia's screening of Uncharted Waters, surfer Wayne Lynch was kind enough to answer a few questions. Come to the screening on Thursday, but grab a ticket in advance! And then tell him why he should try surfing in NY for the first time.

wayne lynch australian surfer

What did you love most about surfing when you were first getting into it and what do you appreciate most about it now?

From a very young age, I was always fascinated with the creative potential of riding waves on all types of crafts, as time went by it became more a sense of freedom and a way of life with unique opportunities to explore surfboard design and surf in wild and beautiful places.

How does what you ride today compare to what you started on?

The boards now are so different, its almost incomparable to the old days, the refinement in surfboard design for a person who hasn't lived through it is almost impossible to understand, the boards back then where so much bigger, heavier and cumbersome. Even during the refining process of the late 60's, the rocker lines and bottom shapes, were still nothing like we ride today. Right now the performance potential of the modern surfboard is so far beyond anything that went before.

How were you a “conscientious objector”?

I'm a conscientious objector to any war that is not necessary to fight, especially a politically motivated one, which Vietnam was.

 Patagonia has chosen you for obvious reasons, but why do you choose to align with the brand?

I initially was drawn to Patagonia way back in the late 80's and admired the way they used very uncontrived marketing, and their products were made of organic and recycled materials, to me this was the direction the whole surf industry should've taken.

Surfing, sailing….why do you think you gravitate toward the ocean?

l've always felt so comfortable in the ocean, its a place I can truly relax and be myself, surfing and sailing seem to interact so perfectly with each other.

How have health issues changed your perspective and what you do?

I always choose to live as positively as I can, it's let me appreciate more than ever the life I've lived, and still live today and the time I have with family and friends.

How often are you in/on the water?

Not often enough, as family and work commitments are so demanding these days.

How would you compare US surf culture and Australia surf culture?

I think that in America, people are far more aware of surfing history, and have a deeper appreciation of those people who have made contributions to it.

Have you surfed much in NY? From up close or afar, what do you think about it?

No I have never surfed here before, sorry I can't help you here..!! But I have seen some nice looking uncrowded surf in the old days at Montauk or Long island area.

What do you hope is the impact of Uncharted Waters on an individual?

That it might inspire people in a positive way, in regard to there own surfing and lives.

wayne lynch australian surfer

wayne lynch australian surfer

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Brooklyn Surf Shorts Strolls into Town

We have a new surf brand coming to town! Brooklyn Surf Shorts, with a sigh of relief, made their Kickstarter goal!! Production is happening now and men's street-friendly boardshorts, made in NYC, will be available this July for you fine folks…surfers and street strollers alike.  “Goodbye neon booty cutters and oversized floral trunks, and hello Brooklyn Surf Shorts.” NYC Urchin interviews John the founder, NY surfer, owner of DUMBO Startup Labs, and test-wearer of Brooklyn Surf Shorts.
Brooklyn Boardshorts
What makes NY surfing special?  
New Yorkers in general are a proud group of people. We love our city, even those who live in the 'burbs.  That pride holds true for NY surfers. Our lineups are filled with people that are proud to be surfers and New Yorkers.
What makes these shorts special?  
Everything about the shorts makes them special.  We paid close attention to get all the details just right. The cut and colors are beautiful and they are comfortable and functional.  My favorite thing is that they will be 100% Made in NYC.
How can someone help and what do they get?  
We offered a bunch of different rewards for backers.  Our favorite is “The Party Animal” which gets a backer a pair of Brooklyn Surf Shorts and an invite to our launch party that will be epic. If you like the idea but you don't love the shorts you can also pledge anything more than $1 to help us get closer to our goal.  Emailing this post to your friends, tweeting, Facebooking and just getting the word out also helps.
(FYI the Kickstarter was a success and you can buy these in July!)
What's the most exciting part about starting a company in NY?  
For an apparel item, the ability to work closely with so many great craftsmen right in your backyard was a really fun and educational process.  I feel like I've learned so much in the last few months while working on Brooklyn Surf Shorts.
What's the hardest?  
The hardest part about launching a business in New York is that there is so much happening here it's really hard to get noticed at first.  I've been lucky to find some great advocates – like NYCUrchin – to help me get my message out. :)
Favorite place to surf in NY and why there?  
As a grom I grew up surfing Long Beach which was great since I am a goofy and Long Beach has a lot of really fun lefts off their jetties.  I think my favorite is Pacific.
What's on your summer bucket list?  
I'm turning 30 in September and I really want to spend my birthday in Montauk and surf Ditch Plains.
Sales Contact: John Coghlan - brooklynsurfshorts@gmail.com
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patagonia soho screening

You can also sign up to be a Surfrider member at the event and current members can volunteer – e-mail secretary@nyc.surfrider.org.

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Saving the Ocean is Sweet

You had me at s’mores, but conserving marine life too?!  Sweeet.  Join the Sea Shepherd NYC in saving the oceans. Seems like a lot on the plate, so they might need your help!  Monday, August 13, 2012. 7-11pm.  V-Spot, 156 5th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.   Brooklyn, that’s like another planet!!  Nah, getting there is easy, take the D, N, R to Union Street, the 2,3,4 to Bergen Street or the B,Q to 7 Avenue. Tickets are $20 per person.

Balancing  City / Sea since 2011  /  NYC Urchin

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