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From Brooklyn to Boston – NY to MA Relocation Guide

According to local New York movers, one of the most common routes for people moving out of the City is the route from Brooklyn, New York, to Boston. If you too are planning a move up to Massachusetts, there are a lot of things to learn about before making such a move.


New York has a much higher population and population density than Boston. New York has a population of about 8,491,000, while Boston has a population of about 646,000. This means that if you’re moving to Boston, you can expect that the streets and the public transit to be less crowded. This may come as a pleasant surprise to those of us who are accustomed to being packed like sardines on New York’s public transit system and in New York’s streets.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is cheaper in Boston. For example, a weekly public transit pass in Boston may cost $19, while a weekly public transit pass in New York will cost about $30. Additionally, rent is 21.60% lower in Boston than in New York City, grocery prices are 9.91% lower in Boston, and local purchasing power is 4.78% higher in Boston than New York City. Most things are priced lower in Boston, except some utilities, such as internet and basic utilities.

This lower cost of living should be a breath of fresh air because the cost of living in New York City can be soul-crushingly high at times.

Last Call

For those who like to go out and drink, the bar scenes in New York and Boston are very different. In New York City, the last call is at 4:00 am in the morning, while in Boston, the last call is at 2:00 am. Each of these cities boast some of the oldest bars in the country. If you love the history behind Fraunces Tavern in New York’s FiDi, you’ll love its Boston counterpart Bell in Hand Tavern located in the North End. This historic bar opened in 1795, making it one of the 10 oldest bars in the U.S.

Public Transit

Compared to smaller cities and towns, the public transit in Boston is excellent. Many people rely on Boston’s public transit and find it very much effective. However, compared to bigger cities like New York City, public transit in Boston not as efficient or reliable, though it is known for being cleaner than the NYC subway. Fortunately, Boston is a major city, so it is still a major public transit hub. You can catch a bus or a train to any other part of the country.


Boston is not as big of a city as New York, though there are plenty of opportunities to attain a quality education. There are fifty-two higher education institutions in the Boston Metropolitan area. There are eight research universities, fifteen colleges that focus on granting masters and baccalaureate degrees and four junior colleges. Forty-seven out of the fifty-two colleges are private, while five colleges are public.

Boston Movers

If you’re moving to Boston, we recommend the following Boston moving companies for your home or apartment relocation:

Brooklyn Moving Company on How to Keep Your NYC Move Affordable

If living in New York City is expensive, at least make sure that moving there is not. Find the right Brooklyn moving company to help you make an affordable trip. Know how to deal with the common problems of relocating to NYC first. Then, create a plan to save money on moving expenses.


The Challenges of Moving to NYC


1. Traffic

The traffic in New York City is tolerable on some days and disastrous on other days. If you’re moving to NYC, know that the traffic levels may be higher than you are used to. Be prepared to deal with delays in your move.


2. Expenses

Everyone knows that living in NYC or L.A. is more expensive than in other parts of the world. You could spend $800 for a one-bedroom apartment in a good part of town and up to $20,000 for a multi-bedroom apartment. The rental or mortgage costs are not included with dining out, entertainment and transportation.


3. Noise

In a big city, you have constant noises coming from traffic, people and construction work. In NYC, most of the noises come from people, especially neighbors, who constantly walk by your home. In many places, you have to install soundproof walls or just deal with it.


4. The People

The biggest challenge of moving to a big city is the people. There are issues with crime, pollution, and noise that are all man-made. However, there are so many options to rent or buy homes that you have some control over who you live around.


Reduce the Expenses of Your Move

1. First, learn how to compare costs. If you are choosing a moving company, compare quotes from different companies. Break down each cost and make sure you are charged fairly.

2. Another tip is to move some items yourself. If you plan to take several trips to NYC before you officially move there, take as many personal belongings as you can. You pay less to the moving company and lighten the load on their truck.

3. Move fewer items to save more money. Consider buying new things when you get to NYC and discarding the old ones that you have grown tired of using. Work with fewer items and worry less about them being lost or stolen.

4. Rent a car to save money on your move. It’s easy and tempting to use a taxi to move your belongings around in NYC. You are only spending more money than necessary when many rental cars cost an average of $40 a day.

5. Find recycled moving supplies. Before starting the packing process, stock up on free boxes from friends and neighbors or ask your local grocer for discarded boxes. Getting free moving supplies could save hundreds in moving costs.

6. Book movers during the off-season. Imperial Moving, a local mover in Manhattan and Brooklyn, says that most moving companies will negotiate lower rates during slow times of the month or moving season. Keep in mind that most people move during the summer or towards the end of the month. By avoiding moving during these times, you could save substantially on your moving costs.

New York City is a great place to live and work, but you have to be wise about living there. When you move there, be wise about saving your time, money and effort. Keep the costs of moving there low and focus more on settling into the new home.

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